You’ve come down to the decision to sell or buy a home. You are excited, but panic starts to set in as you think of where to start. Who do you choose to help you through the process? A personal recommendation? A family friend? The highest rated agent on the web? But what if neither of these options are right for you? Have you ever thought about alleviating some of these worries by hiring a Real Estate team?

How do they work?

When two or more experienced agents work together on a client’s behalf, they make up a Real Estate Team. Plus, the buyer or seller does not pay extra in commission. The commission is split amongst the agents, not the client.

A team of Realtors provides you round-the-clock support and a wide range of specialties. According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors, 26% of Realtors work on teams.

The trend in Real Estate teams is rising. Agents feel that joining a team gives them work-life balance and helps them be able to mentor under more experienced agents. The structure and function of an established team allows for the smoothest possible home buying or selling process for the client.

Take a look at the benefits:

1.    Divide and conquer

An individual agent wears many different hats, and this can sometimes be overwhelming. By hiring a Real Estate team, you are not only promised guidance in your buying or selling process, but exceptional service from start to finish.

Each agent on a team has an area of specialty. Whether that be generating leads, managing the office, hosting open houses, or transaction coordinating; each agent picks an area to focus on while still being available to the client’s needs.

2.    Round the clock support

The best part about a Real Estate Team, if one agent is on vacation, you will not have to wait for them to return to attend a showing. Someone else will be at the ready.

Even in those moments where you have a simple question, you will usually get a prompt answer. The chances of 1 in 4 agents answering the phone versus one individual agent is much more likely.

3.    Synergy

Real Estate team members are all moving parts of a well-oiled machine. They know each other well enough to communicate efficiently throughout the home buying or selling process, thus, increasing workflow.

More agents means more knowledge, contacts, and skill sets. Many teams have years of combined experience, which also means someone on the team has bound to have already run into that “what if” case scenario you keep playing in your head.

A Real Estate team may not be the best fit for everyone, but if you enjoy comfort and ease through such a stressful process, there is a Real Estate team waiting to guide you through it.