Selling a home is often an exhausting process. On top of everything, many home buyers can be very particular with what they are looking for in a home.

Usually, issues that hold up a deal being made on a home are large areas of concern. However, some issues are just plain silly.

Missing cover plates

These items may go missing without your notice, but the absence of them can be an eyesore to potential buyers.

To them, it’s just another thing to add to their list and can cause a bad impression.

Replacing your cover plates so that they are all in place and matching is such a small fix but can leave a lasting impression.

Missing blinds

More often than not, a buyer is looking for a move-in ready home. A very attractive feature included in the “readiness” of a home are the blinds, shades, and curtain rods. These are huge focal points and a pain to have to install yourself where moving in and unpacking is involved.

Blinds and shades should be a top priority to have replaced if they are missing or need to be repaired. If you are partial to the curtain rods in your home, replace them with something else before you move out.

Dead light-bulbs

Make sure all light-bulbs and smoke detector batteries are working as they should. It may seem silly to even have to add this to your list, but it will save you from any hassle in the future of your home sale.

Small quirks

When living in a home for a while, it is common to grow accustomed to some of the small inconveniences that may have cultivated over time.

These often include:

  • Jiggly handles
  • Creaky floorboards
  • Loose carpeting
  • Dirty grout
  • Mismatched paint
  • Holes that need patching
  • Litter box odor

When a potential buyer is touring your home, these are items that are guaranteed to be added to their list of concerns. They all require easy fixes but hinders the sale if the home is not move-in ready.


Sometimes the bartering of a sale can come down to whether the washer and dryer are staying.

It also isn’t uncommon for a potential buyer to ask that the homeowner leave any outdoor amenities behind such as a gazebo or fire pit.

Some of these issues may seem petty on the surface, but too many small details missing can cause apprehension in a potential buyer. It is easier to fix these issues than to lose out on a good deal.